Advisory Committee

Dr. G.S. Sodhi

Associate Professor - Department of Chemistry at Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College.

Dr. G.S. Sodhi, is presently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College. He joined Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, University of Delhi as a Lecturer in August 1984. He is also the Coordinator of the Forensic Science Unit which runs a Post-Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science under the aegis of the University of Delhi.

His research interests centre on chemical methods of detecting fingerprints at crime scenes and identification of weapon holders in crime cases. He has filed 10 Indian Patents in the area of forensic science, including one on the outcome of an innovation project sanctioned by the University of Delhi in 2012. He has published 78 research papers and 10 review articles in journals of international repute. He has also written 40 popular science articles in newspapers and magazines.

He has innovated novel techniques in the area of fingerprinting and has involved his students in standardizing the research findings. The formulations developed by him have proved useful in lifting fingerprints on a broad spectrum of articles, including absorbent and non-absorbent; smooth and rough; white and multi-coloured; and moist and sticky. Their non-toxic nature notwithstanding, the compositions have relatively long shelf lives. Their ability to detect weak, faint and fragmented fingerprints by virtue of their fluorescent characteristics not only enhances their utility, but also their potentiality in casework investigations.

A simple technique for detecting fingerprints on crime scene as evidence, that have been deliberately or accidently washed out with water has been developed by him. He has also invented a method of developing fingerprints on duct tape which is used by suicide bombers to tie explosives on their bodies. In addition he has propounded a technology for lifting fingerprints on lamination sheets and polythene articles, an endeavour not possible with conventional methods. One of the compositions developed by him has been commercialized by Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi.

He has bagged National Technology Day Award (2000), World Intellectual Property Organisation's International Award (2001), National Search for Innovation Award (2006), Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme Award (2008), India Innovation Initiative Award (2009), National Award for Commercializable Patents (2014) and Teaching Excellence Award for Innovation (2015) for innovative work in forensic science.

He was a Visiting Scientist at National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, in 1996-97. He has also been the Regional Vice President of the Fingerprint Society, U.K. during 2004-2013. As a part of this assignment, he co-ordinated the research work on latent fingerprints carried out by individuals and institutions in Asia. He is a member of International Fingerprint Research Group.

He has successfully completed 9 research projects, sanctioned by University Grants Commission, Department of Science and Technology, Defence Research and Development Organization and Indian National Science Academy, as well as 2 innovation projects sanctioned by the University of Delhi. At present he is working on another innovation project entitled, Detection of Fingerprints on Despoiled Crime Scenes, sanctioned by the University of Delhi.

As the Principal Investigator of the history of science project, Indian Civilization and the Science of Fingerprinting, sponsored by the Indian National Science Academy, he highlighted the key role played by two officers of Bengal Police, Azizul Haque and Hem Chandra Bose in inventing the fingerprint classification system during 1897-1900 AD. Although their method is still being used in all the civilized countries of the world, these officers did not get the credit due to them because of the imperial rule. As a result of Dr. Sodhi's consistent efforts, the Fingerprint Society, U.K. has finally recognized the contribution of Haque and Bose and, with effect from 2009, has instituted international awards in their names. Subsequently, Dr. Sodhi authored a book entitled, Indian Civilization and the Science of Fingerprinting which was published by the Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2013.

Dr. Sodhi has been the Organising Secretary of the following national and international symposia held in the College: National Symposium on Emerging Areas of Forensic Science (2004); International Symposium on Advances in Fingerprint Technology (2006); Delhi State Level Symposium on Forensic Science (2008); National Symposium on Challenging Areas in Forensic Science (2010); National Symposium on Criminology and Forensic Science (2012); National Symposium and Workshop on Fingerprint Technology (2014); and National Symposium and Workshop on Crime Scene Management (2016).

On the eve of International Fingerprint Week, Dr. Sodhi coordinated a workshop for the personnel of Delhi Police on April 19, 2012. He also co-ordinated a training course in forensic science for the Military Police regiment of the Indian Army from July 25 to October 14, 2011.

He has aptly guided two doctoral students along with one M.Phil degree candidate. At present, one research scholar is pursuing Ph.D. under him.